This program is designed for children age 37 months to school age (typically 5 years old). 

This program is a full day program. The preschool program will support the needs of each child in a nurturing way.  Children may be placed in the preschool age programs at 37 months.  We reserve the right to make this decision based on the development of each child.    Children in this program will receive priority registration in any of the Kidz Kompany after school care programs.

All rates listed are BEFORE the Childcare Fee Redution.

We strongly believe that children need to have a variety of learning opportunities in their early years.  We will develop programming based on the Early Learning Framework. The children will be provided with opportunities to learn, grow and develop through a variety of activies and experiences.

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3-5 Years Daily Schedule:

7:45 am

Center Opens / Free Play


Bathroom routine – diapering, get ready for outside

9:00 am

Outside play or neighborhood walk

10:15 am

Snack (Provided by Families)

10:45 am

Free play / art

11:45 am

Circle time: Calendar, felt stories, songs, ect.

12:00 pm

Bathroom Routine/ Lunch (Provided by Families)

12:30 pm

Rest / Quiet Time: books & busy bags for non-nappers

2:15 pm

Bathroom routine as children wake / free play

2:30 pm

Snack (Provided by Center)

3:00 pm

Outside play or neighborhood walk

4:00 pm

Free Play

5:00 pm

Center Closes - See you tomorrow!

*Please note: This schedule is flexible and the times are approximate depending on the ages and needs of the individual children.

Full-time (Monday - Friday) $900 / month
Part-time (4 or less days per week) $55 / day

Payments made after the 15th of the month are subject to a late payment fee of 10% on the balance of the fees per month
NSF Cheque: $35 per instance
Fees are subject to change with 3 months notice