Childcare: Infant & Toddler

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This program is designed for children from birth to 36 months old.  This is a full day program (there is no half day option).  The infant and toddler program will support the needs of each child in a nurturing way.  Children in this program will receive priority registration in the preschool program when they turn 36 months old.

We strongly believe in early learning, this begins at birth!  The infants and toddlers will be provided with opportunities to learn, grow and develop through a variety of activities and experiences.

Please make sure to check your child’s daily log sheet each day for important information about their day.

Infant Daily Schedule

7:15am Center Opens
8:30am Diapers
8:50am Snack Time
10:00am Outside Play / Walk / Morning Nap
10:45am Diapers / Wash Hands
11:00am Free Play
11:30am Lunch
12:00pm Nap Time / Free Play (diaper changes when children wake)
2:30pm Snack Time
3:00pm Outside Play/Afternoon Nap
3:45pm Diaper Changes/Wash Hands
4:00pm Free Play
5:30pm Center Closes

Toddler Daily Schedule

7:15am Centre Opens
8:30am Art / Free Play
9:15am Diapers / Wash for Snack
9:30am Snack Time
10:00am Outside Play / Walk
10:45am Diapers / Wash Hands
11:00am Circle
11:30am Lunch
12:00pm Rest Time / Table Activities (diaper changes when children wake)
1:50pm Wake Up Sleepers
2:15pm Snack Time
3:00pm Outside Play
3:30pm Diaper Changes / Wash Hands
4:00pm Free Play
5:30pm Centre Closes

*Please note: These schedules are flexible and the times are approximate depending on the ages and needs of the individual children.


Full-time Care (Monday - Friday) $950 / month
Part-time Care (4 days or less per week) $50 / day*

* maximum of $950 / month