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Guidance Policy

At Kidz Kompany, we believe in positive guidance. Children are provided with opportunities for success to help foster a positive sense of self.  We are very supportive of children’s feelings and abilities and provide them with choices to support independence and individuality.  We model a warm and nurturing environment to the children that promotes diversity.  We will model positive behaviors to the children such as sharing, patience, listening, how to be a good friend, etc.  To reduce the risk of conflict between children we strive to have appropriate quantities of equipment and materials that are age appropriate.  If a situation should arise, children are encouraged to problem solve together (sometimes with a staff’s help) and in some cases will be redirected to other play areas in the center.

Release of Children

Children will not be released to anybody without written consent from the parent or guardian.  If there are custody orders in place, we require that you provide us with a copy to keep on file.  A parent can NOT be denied access to their child UNLESS a court order is in place stating otherwise AND is provided for the center to keep on file.

If you have not picked your child up by the time the center closes and have not contacted the center, staff will attempt to contact you.  If you can not be reached staff will begin to contact the people on your emergency contact list.  If your emergency contacts cannot be reached staff will notify the appropriate authorities.

If you have arranged for an alternate person to pick up your child you must ensure the facility has either written permission to release your child OR that the person is listed on the child’s registration form as an authorized person to pick up.  Your child can NOT be released without this!  Please make the alternate pick up person aware that they will be asked to provide the centre staff with photo identification so the staff can verify they are the correct pick up person.

If an authorized person arrives to pick up a child and staff feel the person is unable to provide appropriate care for the child they will be asked to make alternate arrangements.  If they insist on taking the child, staff will notify the appropriate authorities.

Camp Registration

Please note that registration for ANY camp days (Pro-D Days, Winter Break, Spring Break, Summer Break, etc) MUST be done in addition to regular registration and MUST be done with the Director.  Do not assume that because you are registered for after school care that your child is automatically registered for School Vacation Camps!


It is our intent that all of children in our care receive appropriate nutrition as outlined in the Canada Food Guide.  For preschool children bringing a lunch to the centre OR children attending school vacation day camps, we ask that their lunch include at least two of the four food groups.   Staff will also follow this guideline.

Snacks / meals that are provided by the centre will include at least two of the four food groups as outlined in the Canada Food Guide. For more information on the food guide ask one of the staff or check out http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/food-guide-aliment/index-eng.php

Outdoor Play

At Kidz Kompany we believe that children need the opportunity to have fresh air and be outside as much as possible.  Even just 10-15 minutes each day of fresh air and activity each day can help increase focus and attention and help reduce challenging behaviours.  We will go outside each day, rain or shine!  Please make sure that your child has a jacket and warm clothing in the winter months.


If your child is ill, they should be kept home.  Your child is contagious if they have green or yellow mucous running from their nose or eyes, are coughing up any green or yellow mucous, has a fever, have vomited or had diarrhea within the last 24 hours, or has a communicable disease.  If your child is ill with a communicable disease they need to be kept at home for the safety of all families, children and staff.  If your child becomes ill while at the center, you will be contacted and the child will be kept resting comfortably until someone can pick them up.  If your child is too ill to participate in the program they should be kept at home.


Staff will only administer medication to a child with written consent from the parent or guardian.  Exact doses and times must be specified in writing to the center.  As the dosage is administered it will be documented.  Medications are stored in an area that is inaccessible to children.  Children with allergies MUST have care plans in place with specific instructions for administering medications, etc.

Emergency Incidents

If a major emergency (i.e. Natural disaster, fire, snowfall, power outage) should occur while your child is at the center, staff will contact you with the appropriate information.  In case of a large scale natural disaster, our community meeting place is Beban Park Community Centre.

If snow falls over night and School District #68 (www.sd68.bc.ca) is closed due to the snowfall, then Kidz Kompany will be closed.  Please listen to the local radio station (102.3FM) to hear updates on school closures.  If the center is closed there will be a recording on the KIDZ KOMPANY HARBOURSIDE voicemail with information for you.  Call the center (729-4142) to hear this recording.  We will also post on our website at www.kidzkompany.ca and our Facebook Page.  If snow falls over night during “camp days” (i.e. Professional development days or Winter Break Camp) Kidz Kompany reserves the right to make an informed, safe decision of whether to close the centre or remain open.  A closure of any kind will be announced NO LATER THAN 6:45am and will be posted on our website, main office voicemail and our Facebook page.

VI Kidz Kompany Childcare Group Ltd. reserves the right to close the centre in the middle of the day if there is heavy snow fall and the roads are deemed too treacherous or unsafe to navigate.  We transport children each day and our vans are all safe however during a snow fall the roads are not always safe to drive on.  If we close in the middle of the day, families will be notified as soon as possible.


During the spring and summer months we recommend your child be sent to the center with sunscreen already applied. Staff will reapply sunscreen during the day as needed with written consent from the parent or guardian (please see registration forms).

Out Trips

We may decide to go on a spontaneous out trip such as a neighborhood walk to a local park. We will return to the center before pick up time. Please ensure to sign the permission slip for out trips which is included in your parent contract. Parents will be made aware of all other scheduled field trips in the form of a monthly newsletter or in a memo home.

Photographs and Publicity

Photographs are often taken of the children for the center bulletin board and for our center photo album.  It is very rare that any photos will be made public.  However, during out trips it is common to encounter a newspaper photographer.  Children may only be photographed with written consent from the parent or guardian (please see registration forms).   Any photo’s used for the purpose of advertising OR that are distributed to other families (i.e. year end slideshow) will require a specific photo release which will be provided to you.

Facebook and Social Media

Social media can be a great way to stay connected.  However, it can also breach privacy of others.  VI Kidz Kompany Childcare Group Ltd. only publishes information on social media that we have been given specific consent for.  Families are asked to refrain from posting photo’s on any social media sites of children in our programs or photos taken inside our facilities.  This is for the safety and protection of everyone. 


All Kidz Kompany facilities are smoke free.  We ask that you please do not smoke in the facility or on the grounds.  Thank you!


If we have reason to believe that a child is being abused or is in need or protection, we will promptly report the situation to the appropriate authorities. If you have any questions about this matter please speak directly with the director.

Hours of Operation and Closures

Kidz Kompany operates Monday through Friday from 7:30am-5:30pm (see location and program descriptions for specific times). Kidz Kompany is closed on all statutory holidays including Easter Monday. Kidz Kompany on-site before and after school care programs (programs running at elementary schools) operate September through June. Our preschool program operates September through June and is closed on all School District # 68 vacations and professional development days. Kidz Kompany is closed on all snow days (please see emergency incident policy). Kidz Kompany is closed for administration on the official first day of school, typically the Tuesday after Labour Day.



An administration fee of $10 will be charged to you at the time of registration. This is a one time fee and covers administration expenses associated with new registration in to our programs. Regular program fees are due on the 1st of each month (post dated cheques are appreciated). Alternate payment arrangements can be made with the director. “Drop in” days are to be paid for on or before the day the service is provided. If your payment is returned to Kidz Kompany as “NSF”, a fee of $27.50 will be applied. Fees paid after the 15th of the month are subject to a late penalty of $25.

Kidz Kompany closes promptly at 5:30pm. We recommend that you aim to arrive at the centre by 5:25pm in order to ensure your child is ready to go on time. If you have not arrived at the centre by 5:35pm, staff will begin trying to contact you. A late fee of $1 per minute per child will be charged to you for the first 15 minutes. A late fee of $3 per minute per child will be charged to you for every minute after the first 15 minutes.

Childcare subsidy is accepted and the parent portion is also due on the 1st of each month (unless an alternate arrangement has been worked out with the director). Please note that it is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to ensure their childcare subsidy is in place prior to the child attending our programs. If a delay in subsidy authorization occurs, families may be asked to pay the childcare fees in full and will be reimbursed when their subsidy arrives.

If your child is away due to illness or other circumstances, fees will NOT be reimbursed. If we are not able to provide service due to illness, absence or other emergencies, an approved substitute will be asked to fill in. If we need to close the facility for an unscheduled circumstance, families will be notified with as much notice as possible so alternate arrangements can be made. If this should happen, families will be reimbursed. Please note, the only exception to this policy is for snow day closures. Full time clients will NOT receive a credit for snow day closures unless there are more than 3 snow days in one school year.

If the time should come for your child to leave our program, one month’s written notice or one month’s fees in lieu of notice is required. This also includes changes to your child’s attendance (i.e. going from 5 days of care per week to 3, etc.). At this time any post dated checks will be returned to you. If your child is asked to leave the program, you will be given as much notice as possible to make alternate arrangements and will not be asked to pay the remainder of your fees. Kidz Kompany reserves the right to terminate care when we are unable to provide the service that your child needs or when the best interests of all of the children in our program are not being met.

Privacy Policy

Visit our Privacy Policy page for complete information on our dedication and commitment to protecting our client's personal information.